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Emmer Spelt



Weatherbury Farm Organic Emmer

Weatherbury Farm Organic Spelt

Emmer in the field

Spelt in the field

Also known as farro in today's haute cuisine, Emmer is also enjoyed by down home folks. In Italy, farro means emmer, which is also known as farro medio.  However, because of the popularity of farro, spelt is served often in this country as farro (in fact it is farro grande).

Like einkorn it was a staple of the Volga River delta and was brought to North America by Russian Germans emigrating here between 1876 and 1917. Mainly grown in the Midwest, this Russian German emmer is now raised on Weatherbury Farm as a spring crop.

As the genetics have remained the same for 10,00 years, for some unknown reason many with allergies and intolerances of wheat can digest it.

Depending on the harvest, emmer may be available in 2015.

Sourdough spelt bread is thought by many to be be the most tasty of breads. Prized for its superior nutrition, spelt is higher than wheat in protein, minerals and vitamins.  With a gluten entirely different from wheat, spelt imparts a nutty flavor.

Spelt is a very ancient grain whose origin dates back to between 4000 and 5000 BC (like emmer and einkorn).  The genetic makeup of spelt is all but identical to what it was 3000 years ago.  Thus it has become popular with folks who want to avoid modern wheats and the allergies that  accompany those genetics.

Weatherbury Farms grows Oberkulmer Spelt, a heritage Swiss variety.


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Weatherbury Farm mills stone ground flour from organic grains grown on the farm.

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