Farmer Nigel develops organic grains in test plots which work well in our region

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Organic Grains grown exclusively
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Weatherbury Farm doesn't wait for grains to become trendy and seed to become available. We are constantly collecting small samples of different grains and growing them out to find varieties that are compatible with our region. For example people are starting to talk about einkorn. Weatherbury Farm has been growing einkorn for 4 years on a plot scale. Every year we select the best plants for seed. We are currently bulking seed of our Alpine Einkorn and will be planting a small field of einkorn this fall for harvest in 2015.



From a few seeds, Farmer Nigel has developed Alpine Einkorn, an exclusively Weatherbury Farm crop.

Alpine Einkorn is a hearty winter grain developed at Weathebury Farm

Obsidian Emmer is a winter black emmer which has been developed at Weatherbury Farm.

Obisdian emmer up close

Einkorn Plot

Alpine Einkorn Emmer Plot Obsidian Emmer

Einkorn is the grain that started western civilization.  And even today at taste testings, einkorn flat bread always rates best.  It will be at least 2019  until Weatherbury Farm has einkorn flour on offer.

Weatherbury Farm is also currently bulking Obsidian Emmer, a type of black winter emmer which is found in Germany, Switzerland and Italy.   Depending on harvest, emmer may be available in 2019.

  Hull-less Oats  


Weatherbury Farm trials different varieties of hull-less oats to find the one best suite to our region.  Hull-less oat test plot  

Weatherbury Farm continues to trial different varieties of hull-less oats, looking for one that is best suited to our region.
However, the Buff Hull-less oats we have been growing are now available in our farm store as rolled oats.

  Planting Plots Threshing Grain  
  Test plots are planted (and weeded) by hand Test plots are harvested by hand and then threshed.  

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Weatherbury Farm mills stone ground flour from organic grains grown on the farm.

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