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Whole Cow Hamburger will be available on January 12th (noon to 2PM).
Please order by phone (724.587.3763) or email


 2019 Grass-Fed Beef :       Order Form      Cut & Price List   

2019 Grass-Fed Lamb -- Sold Out.  Send in an order form to be placed on waiting list:       Order Form      Cut & Price List 

 Health & Environmental Benefits of Grass-fed Meats

Weatherbury's Grass-Fed Farming Practices

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Pennsylvania Certified Organic
2012 Sustainability Award


               Steaks for less than the cost of hamburger

Not only is Weatherbury grass-fed beef affordable (the cost per pound is less than the supermarket cost of grass-fed hamburger), but it is also delicious and healthy

Weatherbury’s cows eat lush certified organic grass from April to December, moving
 to a new pasture every couple of days; during the winter, they eat certified organic hay. 


Of course, there are no pesticides, herbicides, growth hormones or antibiotics.

And since Weatherbury Farm is local – you pick up your beef at the farm, there are no worries about the origin of the beef.

We have been growing our herd for the last several years and have more beef to  offer this year:  2019 Order Form    2019 Cuts & Price List 



               A Healthy Cow Makes Healthy Beef


Weatherbury's herd philosophy makes our grass fed beef unique.

Weatherbury Farm has been selling grass-fed beef since 2007. With the increased popularity of grass-fed meats,

more farms have entered the market.  Not all aspire to the exacting standards that Weatherbury Farm sets for itself and our customers expect.


There are a number of considerations when purchasing grass fed beef. Here's an overview of Weatherbury's Grass-Fed Faming Practices: 

1. Cows are rotationally grazed on certified organic grass

2. Beef is 100% Grass Fed and Grass Finished. No grain is fed.

3. All calves have been born and raised on the farm.

4. No Fillers -- commercial beef contains 10% saline and has wheat gluten fillers

5  No hormones or antibiotics.


Grass-Fed Beef --  We are now taking orders for 2019 August and December beef.
                             2019 Order Form
                             2019 Cuts & Price List    

Grass-Fed Lamb -- Our October 2019 lamb is sold out. We are, however, taking a waiting list for October 2019 grass-fed lamb. Please download our lamb order form and mail it without a deposit check to be added to the waiting list. 
                             2019 Order Form
                             2019 Cuts & Price List     

  1. No Hormones or antibiotic

Weatherbury Farm overview: Weatherbury Farm is a family owned beef and sheep farm located southwest of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. (Certified organic grains which are milled into flour are also raised.) After 20 years of  a cow-calf operation we changed our operation in 2007 to producing grass-fed beef for sale directly to the consumer.  In 2008, we began offering grass-fed lamb for sale.

In 2009, Weatherbury Farm's pastures, hay lands and crop lands were certified organic; we have, however, been farming without herbicides, pesticides, and chemical fertilizers since 1988.  Our cows and sheep eat certified organic grass & hay and are bedded on certified organic straw.  They receive no artificial steroids, growth hormones or antibiotics.  As a certified organic farm, we do not use pesticides or herbicides.

In 2012, Weatherbury Farm was awarded PCO's (Pennsylvania Certified Organic) sustainability Award.

Purchasing Weatherbury Farm Grass-fed Meats: Beef and lamb is available by pre-order only and can be picked up at the farm when ready. Grass-fed freezer beef is sold by the half and split quarter, please see our beef cut list for details. For details on our grass-fed freezer lamb, please see the lamb cut list.  To place an order, please download our beef order form or our lamb order form and mail it with your deposit check.

Our 2019 freezer beef is affordably priced at $8.60/pound (half) and $8.90/pound (split quarter) and our 2019 freezer lamb at $13.95/pound.  Liver, tongue, heart and oxtail are available with beef orders at no additional charge.

We've put together some additional information on purchasing considerations to help your with your buying decision.

When we began our grass-fed adventure, we were really excited about the health benefits of grass-fed beef and the environmental benefits of rotational grazing; shortly after, however, taste and tenderness  shot to the top of our list. We have had great reports from our customers on both the beef and lamb; many of our orders each year are from satisfied customers (from 2007 through 2018).

Grass-fed beef will usually requires 30% less cooking time because it is leaner and richer in healthy fats, which melt quicker at a lower temperature than fats in conventional beef.  All orders come with cooking instructions. 

Grass-Fed Beef Hamburger: will again be available at Weatherbury's on-farm pickups in several months.

When available, it may be purchased in 10 pound increments (10 one pound packages) for $67.50.  To order, please call 724.587.3763 or email.

Eggs:  Our certified organic free range eggs ($4/ dozen) are currently available.

When eggs are available, please email or phone us to let us know how many dozen you would like, so we can put them aside for you.  The eggs are quite popular and there may be a wait of a week or more until the eggs you have requested are available.  We don’t want you to be disappointed, so please do not come to the farm to pickup eggs unless you have confirmed availability via phone or email.

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 2019 Grass-Fed Beef :       Order Form      Cut & Price List           

2019 Grass-Fed Lamb:       Order Form      Cut & Price List   

 Health & Environmental Benefits of Grass-fed Meats

Weatherbury's Grass-Fed Farming Practices

About Weatherbury Farm      Media Accolades      News       Contact us       Visit us on facebook         

 Weatherbury Farm -- explore our other possibilities: 

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Weatherbury Farm  is a non-smoking farm.

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