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Weatherbury Farm -- explore the possibilities: 

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What a delightful surprise, one of Weatherbury's Folk Jam participants, Kevin Sell, brought these photos he shot of Weatherbury Farm on October 25 2009 to our May 2010 jam.  Together they give a great overview of Weatherbury Farm.


Looking north at Weatherbury Farm:

The Livery (where the suites are located) is the topmost building on the left center of the photo. Cattle can be seen grazing above the Livery.
The Farmhouse is in the middle of the photo surrounded by white pines and fall foliage.
 To the right of the farmhouse, above the gazebo, swimming pool and wrapped hay bales, sheep can be seen grazing.
The barns are on the right  -- new barn on the top (sans doors, which are now in place) and the old barn at the bottom.  Machinery is parked between the two. (A new machinery building was built in 2013 and machinery will be moved there in the spring of 2015.)
In the foregrounds hay and crop fields are visible.  These fields are used for rotational grazing in late fall.


Looking northeast at Weatherbury Farm:

On the left hand side of the photo, is the rear of the Livery with its deck and patio. 
Snuggled between the trees the Summer Kitchen, with its red roof and white clapboard walls is just visible in the center of the photo. Sheep are grazing above the livery. Two riparian buffers are pictured (see the photo below for a discussion of riparian buffers.) The fields above the fences in the upper right hand section of the photo are used for making hay in the spring & early summer and then for rotational grazing as the summer progresses.

Looking west at Weatherbury Farm:

The farmhouse is just visible beyond the white pine. The Summer Kitchen is to the right behind the farmhouse.
The Livery is in the upper right of the photo.

The brownish area above the trees and the area below the old barn are riparian buffers which protects the water ways of the farm. They are two of four riparian buffers added to the farm in the last several years.  These areas are fenced out from the livestock and not mowed. Over time native trees, shrubs and flowers will re-grow in these areas.  In addition to protecting the waterways, riparian buffers provide a habitat for wildlife.

About Weatherbury      Media Accolades      News      Contact us      Sign up for our newsletter         

Weatherbury Farm -- explore the possibilities: 

Certified Organic  Flours & Milled Products            Grass Fed Beef & Lamb
              Farm Stays      

Weatherbury Farm mills stone ground flour from organic grains grown on the farm. Grassfed and finished meats are also raised. Farmstay open in summer months.

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grass fed beef & lamb, certified organic stone ground flours and milled products, farm stays

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