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Chatham's CRAFT offers (very cool) workshops with local food purveyors for public and students

Emily Stimmel
February 19 2018

CRAFT (Center for Regional Agriculture, Food and Transformation) is working with Weatherbury Farm to develop a locla pizza, using Weatherbury's Flours.

Defining Quote: “Bute (Tomanneti Pizza) says CRAFT 'ties together agriculture and sustainable solutions as well as a commitment of food as part of our total cultural experience.'
He believes the partners are demonstrating that commitment by creating a 'hyper-local' new product.  The crust was developed last fall using grains from Weatherbury Farm, and .students in the Business of Food and Agriculture course are currently sourcing local ingredients for sauce and cheese."


On the menu at Farm Aid: Food from Pittsburgh family farms, of course
Rossilynne Culgan
September 7 2017
The Farm Aid concert in Burgettstown will feature foods from local family farms, including baked goods made with Weatherbury's Flours

Defining Quote: “ 'Anything that’s promoting farming and local food, we’re into working with,' farmer Nigel Tudor said.

'Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood' Comes to Weatherbury Farm
Summer Wallace Minger
November 16 2016
Fred Rogers Company Films "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood" Segment at Weatherbury Farm

Defining Quote: "Weatherbury Farm, a working farm raising cattle and organic grains that offers farm vacations, will be featured on live-action segments as part of the animated children’s show, targeted toward children aged 2 to 4. The show follows the next generation of characters from the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, including Daniel Striped Tiger’s son, the titular character."

"Beyond the Border: Wigle Whiskey and spirited tales of rebellion
Barbara Miller
August 2016
When it comes to buying local, a name that drops during the tour of Wigle is that of Weatherbury Farm in Avella.

Defining Quote: "
'Working with local farmers and suppliers allows our whiskey to truly capture the flavors and character of Western Pennsylvania,' says Wigle distiller David Harries. 'The team at Weatherbury Farm has supplied a significant amount of wheat, rye and corn for our whiskeys"

"Bread vs. Booze: The Surprising Fight Brewing Over Quality Grain"
Melissa McCart
May 10 2016
Melissa looks at the dichotomy between bakers and distillers as demand continues to grow for quality grain.

Defining Quote: "But while distilleries remain more reliable customers than bakers, the Tudors are gradually seeing more bakeries buying their flour. And Nigel says he's getting something different in his selling to bakers. 'When I sell to distilleries,' he says, 'I don't get any feedback about my grain, compared to bakers, who wax euphoric about the flavor."

Pittsburghers get a chance to try rare grains at Slow Foods Pittsburgh event
Rebecca Sodergren
March 30 2016

Slow Foods Pittsburgh & OGRIN host a grain tasting and baking class. Grains from Weatherbury to be among those tasted.

Defining Quote: "A two-day event, 'Grains are Not Created Equal,' will shed the spotlight on little-known grains in hopes of creating a farming, baking and eating revolution..



American Grain Mills
March 2016
Food and Wine sought out local/locavore grain mills.  Weatherbury Farm made the list -- #3 out of 26!

Defining Quote: "The 'estate flour' goes from seed to bag on this certified-organic family farm near Pittsburgh raising grass-fed beef and lamb, as well as the grains that they eat. Along with rolled oats and polenta, and the rye that's been grown (and distilled) in these parts since 1791 Whiskey Rebellion, their flours for order via email include stone-milled spelt, buckwheat, hard red winter wheat, and Frederick, a soft white winter heritage wheat from New York. All of them express the sweetness of the land's well-fertilized silty loam."

The Newsletter of PASA --The Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture)

Grower Story: Weatherbury Farm
Nigel Tudor
October.November 2015

At PASA's request, Farmer Nigel writes an "insiders view" article on growing organic grains.

Defining Quote: "Organic farmers may find the recent rise of small artisan distilleries offers them a new way to diversify.



In Pittsburgh, One Baker Requires a Whole Year to Create the Perfect Loaf
Masha Goncharova
June 23 2015


Rick Easton's pane locale (local bread) has an addictive flavor as it is made with Weatherbury Flour.

Defining Quote: "the loaves’ 'ugly, formless and dark' appearance belies their addictive flavor — which he accredits to the 100% stone-milled, high-extraction wheat flour crop he develops with a farmer in Weatherbury Farms in Avella, Pa.



Market St. Grocery stocks shelves with local ingredients and unusual products
Melissa McCart
May 28 2015


Market St. Grocery's (downtown Pittsburgh) goal is to provide local ingredients (including some of Weatherbury's milled products) and unusual products as well as staples at competitive prices.

Defining Quote: "A grain farmer since 2009, Weatherbury Farm led by Nigel Tudor is one of the most progressive in the area when it comes to grains, where he's milling with an Austrian flour mill.



Wigle Whiskey celebrates anniversary with its first-ever bourbon
Bob Karlovits
May 21 2015


Wigle Whiskey debuts organic bourbon, made with Weatherbury's organic Wapsie Valley Corn.

Defining Quote: "That process developed when one of their grain suppliers — Nigel Tudor of Weatherbury Farm in Avella — suggested using Wapsie Valley corn, a darker-colored corn that was dominant in the state in the 18th century.



Local grain pioneers look to past for flavor
Virginia Phillips
September 18 2014


An article on Pittsburgh's local grains focuses on Weatherbury Farm.

Defining Quotes: "Weatherbury sets the freshness bar high. Mr. Tudor’s flours are ground on demand, with a monthly pre-order and pickup. There is little overage, because he doesn’t want to sell anything but the freshest product he can.
He calls his certified-organic flour “estate flour.” “We do everything here on our farm from planting the seed to bagging the flour. Every step of the process is under our control.



Take a trip down on the farm
Rachel Weaver
September 14 2014

An article on agritourism focuses on Weatherbury Farm.

Defining Quote: "'Some want to come and do chores. Some just want to be on a farm, 'Marcy Tudor says.
For either group, there's much to enjoy. ...
But for those willing to learn, the Tudors appreciate the opportunity to enlighten.



Local Wheat Flour and Black Beans
August 13 2014


Weatherbury customer Cheryl blogs about her experiences using our flours and black beans.

Defining Quotes: "Barker makes the point that we need to go beyond fresh produce, grass-fed steaks, and line-caught fish to make for sustainable eating. That we (and chefs) need to eat and use all of the farm’s production rather than cherry pick the cream of the crop"

"The bread was fantastic, wheaty-er than I’ve been used to since I’ve been using a lot of white whole wheat flour in my breads (which has a more mild flavor than traditional red wheat), but the wheatiness of it didn’t spoil the flavor it made it better. The crumb was soft and divine. Caleb and I were fighting over the last pieces of it."



Grow, Cook, Drink: Wigle Whiskey
Hal B Klein
August 2014


Wigle Whiskey's field-to-bottle distilling relies on locally grown, organic grains.

Defining Quote: "To that end, the distillers regularly communicate with their primary suppliers, including Weatherbury Farm. By committing to organic grains — especially rye, which is grown as much for its reliability as a soil-enhancing cover crop as it is for its nutritious berries — Grelli says the distillery uses its purchasing power to do some good for the land."



Country Vacations
Betsy Trainor
August 2014

Posh Seven lists 5 country stays to not only enjoy a rural setting but to also experience the real workings of a farm.

Defining Quote: " There are two types of stay packages: a traditional bed and breakfast stay with the opportunity to enjoy life on the farm and explore the countryside; or a farm stay with morning chores and educational programs for children and adults that focus on sustainable farming techniques. "


New Pittsburgh beer is REALLY local
Bob Batz Jr.
May 14 2014


Eliza Loeser's master's thesis is the brewing of a local beer using Weatherbury Farm's wheat.

Defining Quote: "She says she'll always be committed to sustainability, which has a component to it that most people might not think of, but that her project demonstrates: 'This project for me embodies community and collaboration."


Ancient Wheats Pesky Hulls
Steve Cox
April/May 2014


Sidebar to Mother Earth News story talks about Farmer Nigel's spelt dehuller project.

Defining Quote: "He says that in these situations, farmers are the creators. As an example, Zwinger points to Nigel Tudor of Weatherbury Farm"



Consider a Farm Stay
Lynn O'Rourke Hayes
November 25 2013

Weatherbury Farm. is the first of five recommended farm stays.

Defining Quote: "Discover how the owners of this 100-acre, idyllic spot near Pittsburg, focus on using integrated techniques to manage their sustainable farming operation."



Finding Your Niche
Matthew  Kelterborn

Fall 2013


Farmer Nigel spoke at a PSU/PASA field day on processing organic grains.

Defining Quote: "Nigel Tudor stands next to a plot of Einkorn aptly named “Nigel”. He bought the seed from a grocery store in Germany, and he has saved some each year from plantings on his farm. (Ed. note:  This picture can be seen on our Facebook page's September 2 posting)"



Weatherbury Farm draws D.C. crowd
Aaron Kendeall
August 10 2013


Officials from the Appalachian Regional Commission visit rural success stories in Western Pennsylvania..

Defining Quote: "Members of the Appalachian Regional Commission were on the grounds of the sprawling Weatherbury Farm in Avella to get some insight into how the local business came up with its perfect blend of agri-tourism, heritage farming and hard work."


Restoration: Pure Grains, Sustainable Practices
Charlie Dodge
April 8 2013

A look at the resurgence of organic heritage grains.

Defining Quote: "Nigel Tudor’s Weatherbury Farm in western Pennsylvania is an example of how this kinetic organic insurgency is gathering force. He’s devoting his 30 acres to restoration — not just restoring heirloom grain varieties, but also returning his community to the sustainable practices of the recent past."

Environmental Radio for Western Pennsylvania

Heritage Grains Make Comeback on PA Farms

Hal B. Klein
March 20 2013


The sustainable food movement has filled our plates with grass-fed meats, artisan cheeses and organic produce.  But what about grains?

Defining Quote: "An increasing number of farmers are beginning to raise heritage grains—older varieties of wheat that were popular before agriculture took off on an industrial scale…Easton now buys some of his bread flour locally, with grains grown by Nigel Tudor--one of several Western Pennsylvania farmers experimenting with raising commercial quantities of heritage grains."



Working Farm Vacations
Lori Vanover, Associate Editor
June/July 2012


Vanover's "Lovin' the Life" column looks at farms and ranches that open their doors and put guests to work.  Weatherbury is one of five featured.

Defining Quote: "On this grass-fed beef and lamb farm, Dale, Marcy and Nigel Tudor aim to teach guests about agriculture, with an emphasis on fun. "



Experience Old-World Farm Life in 21st Century America
May 21 2012
Reposted March 22 2014,  July 28 2014 and July 28 2015

Urban Review looks at the heart-warming experience a quintessential farm offers.  Weatherbury Farm is one of three farms profiled.

Defining Quote: "How will you ever want to leave this place?"



Is Your Prime Steak Held Together By 'Meat Glue'?
April 27 2012


Jim Parsons, WTAE News, interviews Farmer Nigel as part of his on meat glue.

Defining Quote: "Tudor said he suspects restaurants don't want customers to know what meet glue really is.…' it's just not something when you realize what it is that you would want to eat,' said Tudor."



Farm-to-table Experiences We Heart
April 10 2012

Wayfare lists three farms they "heart." Weatherbury is one!

Defining Quote: "Get your hands dirty -- in a fun for the whole family way at Weatherbury Farm nestled amid the rolling farmland in Southwestern Pennsylvania. Kids join farmer Dale (his real name) for morning chores: pumping water, bottle-feeding lambs and collecting eggs. ”


Pittsburgh, from 'steel city' to 'whiskey town'
Laura Ingle
April 3 2012


Fox News comes to Pittsburgh to visits Wigle Whiskey and interviews Farmer Nigel, who supplies the rye to the distillery

Defining Quote:  "Craft whiskey making is also expected to bring an economic boon to area rye farmers.
Nigel Tudor, who grows the grain in nearby Avella, hopes to reap the benefits of this new craft industry. ”


Laura Ingle
April 2 2012

Fox News' Laura Ingle photo of Farmer Nigel in his Fendt is posted on her twitter account,

Defining Quote:  "Not everyday you get to follow a Fendt 412 tractor on the road  This is our Rye Farmer Nigel Tudor of Weatherbury Farm. ”

View the tweet and the photo.  You might also want to see her photo of Weatherbury Rye and Weatherbury's Farmall Regular.


Baking with Fresh Whole Grains: Anatomy of a Grain Boom
Anne Harnish
February 18 2012

Anne visited the February 2012 PASA conference and chatted with Marcy and Nigel about Weatherbury Farm's grain operation

Defining Quote:  "Today, Weatherbury Farm grows a range of edible grains on 35 certified organic acres, including varieties of hard and soft wheat, buckwheat, rye, open-pollinated corn and the heirloom wheat called emmer or “farro” in Italy. They plan to expand to 100 acres and grind flour themselves for sale, using a new East Tyrolean grain mill that Nigel purchased from Austria and shipped to the farm. ”


24 Family Vacation Ideas
Lynn O'Rourke Hayes
February 8 2012


Weatherbury Farm is included (along with 23 other attractions as diverse as Africa's Kulalal Wilderness and Cayman's Brac Reef)  in Family Travel's list of 24 Family Vacation Ideas.

Defining Quote:  "By joining in these morning chores and learning about organic farming, they can earn the 'Official Weatherbury Farm Kid' designation.”



Getaways with Kids in PA
December 4 2011


Weatherbury Farm is included (along with The Crayola Factory and Hershey Park)  in Fun Pennsylvania's list of 10 weekend getaways..

Defining Quote:  "One of the Most Fun Weekend Getaways with Kids in PA!.



I Like My Burgers Without Oven Cleaner
Al Sears, MD
October 28 2011


Weatherbury Farm is one of 5 farms nationwide listed as a source for grass-fed beef.

Defining Quote:  "Pasture-raised organic beef couldn’t be more different than that pink stuff. Instead of eating what I described above, animals raised in pastures eat their natural diet of high-quality, mineral filled grass. And they’re healthy because they can do what they normally do, like walk around, root and graze.


Farm vacation lets children learn about animals, plants
Lynn O'Rourke Hayes
October 27 2011


Weatherbury Farm heads the list of 5 farm stays where children can learn about life of the farm.

Defining Quote:  "Discover how the owners of this 100-acre, idyllic spot near Pittsburgh focus on using integrated techniques to manage their sustainable farming operation.


'Heritage grains' return as tasty alternatives, and the trend is sprouting here
Virginia Phillips
August 11 2011


An exploration of local heritage grains and Weatherbury Farm's plan to offer heritage grains ground into "estate" flours

Defining Quote:  "Modest resurgences of organic heritage grain are being fueled by pioneers across the country...We can now add an outpost of our own.
Weatherbury Farm near Avella, Washington County, was named for Thomas Hardy's ‘Far From the Madding Crowd.’ These idyllic acres might feel like a lonely spot on the globe to organic farmer Nigel Tudor -- if the energetic 30-year-old had time for introspection.



Heritage Grains Offer Another Niche for Farmers
Laura Zoeller
July 2 2011

Weatherbury Farm hosts a PASA field day on heritage grains

Defining Quote:  "An increased demand for heritage varieties of wheat and grains is opening up a new niche for farmers seeking sustainability for their farms. But growing these grains is not without its share of problems."


Where to Get Your Green Acres Fix
Brad Tuttle
May 2011

This article has appeared on-line in nbcnews.com on August 26 2100.

Weatherbury Farm is one of seven farm vacations worldwide featured in Frommer's article on farm vacations.

Defining Quote:  " The Weatherbury Farm, 45 minutes southwest of Pittsburgh, raises grass-fed cattle, but it specializes in children."


Summer Family Fun Found
Jill King Greenwood

June 16 2011

Weatherbury Farm is one of seven summer family fun destinations that Jill explores in her article.

Defining Quote:  'What we really like are the people who want to know where their food comes from,' Marcy Tudor said.

Getaway 'haycations' turn families into farmhands
Kellie Gromly
April 26 2011


A look at "haycations" (the catchy new name for farm vacations) in the Pittsburgh area.

Defining Quote:  " Farm vacations -- often called 'haycations' -- give people a break from the bustle of city life, and a chance to pack up the kids and enjoy a down-home night or two out on a farm.”


Resorts for Kids in Pennsylvania
Tricia Chaves
January 29 2011

Weatherbury Farm is recommended along with Seven Springs and Hershey Park as a resort for kids in Pennsylvania.

Defining Quote:  " More than 50 notable publications have sung the praises of a family vacation at Weatherbury Farm.”


Working Farm Vacations
Lynette Hingle
July 14  2010


An on-line look at farm vacations/green agri-tourism.

Defining Quote:  " If your idea of the perfect vacation equates to getting as far away as you can from the crowded, bustling metropolis you call home, you may find what you are looking for in a working farm vacation.”



Get Your Hands Dirty
Tara Dodrill
May 21 2010

A look at several working farms where you can get "down and dirty.".

Defining Quote:  " Cross-generational activities and chores foster a true teamwork environment and the satisfaction of a job well done at Weatherbury Farm.”


Volunteer Vacations on Working Farms
Jonita Davis
April 9 2010
A look at different types of working farm experiences.

Defining Quote:  " You don't have to leave the country to have a meaningful vacation. Places like the Weatherbury Farm outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania , have a work-farm experience for the entire family.”


5 Fun Dude Ranches and Farm Vacations for Your Family
Laura Sullivan
April 2010
Parenting magazine looks at dude ranches and a farm vacation (Weatherbury).

Defining Quote:  " This farm in the charming southwestern Pennsylvania hills is all about getting kids dirty -- in a happy, good way.”


Travel Wishes Destination "F:
February 18 2010
An on-line article about farm stays distinguishing between farm accommodations and  hands-on experiences.  Weatherbury Farm is highlighted as a working farm experience.

Defining Quote:  " I grew up in an agricultural area and live in one now ..., so the fact that there are so many children around who have never seen a chicken, or a goat, or a horse, or a pig, seems a little sad to me. Such is the nature of the urban and suburban lifestyle, but you can do something about it for your family.


Bountiful Harvest
Scott Beveridge
November 22, 2009
An article on local foods focuses on Weatherbury Farm's grass-fed operation

Defining Quote:  " ' Cows that are fed grain diets consume more carbohydrates and contain more calories when butchered than those raised on grass, Tudor said. Grain-fed cows also are more prone to nurturing harmful bacteria, he said. '


Farmers cultivate biodiesel know-how
Scott Beveridge
July 12, 2009
Weatherbury Farm hosts a PASA (Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture) workshop on making biodiesel

Defining Quote: ' It’s interesting,' Dale Tudor said. ' The whole idea is to do energy on a home-brewed scale, rather than bring it halfway around the world from Saudi Arabia.'

Allegheny County Schools

Country Style
Mark Hornung
Summer 2009

A world-apart from the hustle and bustle of daily life, Weatherbury Farm teaches visitors about the basic necessities of life.

Defining Quote: " ' When families stay here, we want them to take it easy, but also to learn how and where their food comes from.' "

The Graziers Edge

Chores Are A Highlight At Weatherbury Farm Vacation

Becky Gillette
April 2009

Stockman Grass Farmer, a magazine for graziers, looks at Weatherbury Farm Vacation.

Defining Quote: "  But morning chores on Weatherbury Farm ...aren’t a burden. In fact, they are a highlight of the day for visitors enjoying a farm vacation at this kid-friendly, working farm that delights visitors with an opportunity to have hands-on activities experiencing farm life.. "

An honest take on lodging

Weatherbury Farm Bed and Breakfast

Brooke Morton
March 8, 2009

A yearning for farm life after reading Barbara Kingsolver's Animal, Vegetable, Miracle  leads Brooke to Weatherbury Farm.

Defining Quote: " Weatherbury Farm ...offers travelers a unique opportunity to experience life on the farm, and perhaps acquire an appreciation of where food comes from. "

Environmental Radio for Western Pennsylvania

Earth's Bounty: Vacationing on the Farm

Jennifer Szweda Jordan
November 12, 2008

If you’ve always dreamed of life on a farm, a vacation among barns and billy goats may be for you. The Allegheny Front’s Jennifer  visited a farm where chores are part of the fun for guests.

Defining Quote: " At Weatherbury, tourists come to this working farm not just to chill out but to learn stuff ...and participate.  "


Rural Reprieve

Laurel Kallenbach
October, 2008


An article on discovering the pleasures of farm life -- and getting an insight into an important part of our food supply features Weatherbury Farm.

Defining Quote: " 'It’s pleasant following a routine governed by the sun and the needs of the animals,' says Vondra. 'Weatherbury Farm is my kids’ dream come true.'  "


Field Trip: Washington County bed and breakfast offers taste of life on the farm

Susan Jones
September 7, 2008


Susan and her daughter visited Weatherbury Farm in June & Susan writes about the experience.

Defining Quote: " Every morning after breakfast, 'Farmer Dale' leads guests through 'chores,' which include feeding the chickens, goats, rabbits, ducks and lambs and getting acquainted with the sheep and cattle. Tudor teaches junior farmers about organic farming and gives them information about the animals. "


Weatherbury Farm in Pennsylvania gives city folk a taste of country life

Sarah Crump
August 17, 2008


Sarah writes about a typical day at Weatherbury Farm.
(This is a companion piece to an article on Ohio agritourism.)

Defining Quote: " Weatherbury Farm, named for a Thomas Hardy setting, is true to its fictional namesake. Though only 20 miles from Pittsburgh, its 100 acres of rolling pastures bounded by white fences do seem "far from the madding crowd." City folk used to a schedule governed by alarm clocks, not cock-a-doodle-doos, often come with a long list of touristy things to do, said Tudor. But they soon settle into a countrified rhythm. "


Ohio farmers who want to stay in business take up hospitality

Sarah Crump
August 17, 2008

An article on agritourism in Ohio showcases Weatherbury Farm.
(See also separate article above)

Defining Quote (on chore time): " Kids can reach under fluffy hens to gather eggs and hold a chick. They pump water for goats and bottle-feed lambs, all in a space of about an hour. "


All in a Day's Play

Katrina Brown Hunt
June  2008

Weatherbury Farm leads the list of kid-friendly farm stays. 

Defining Quote: " Less than an hour from Pittsburgh, this grass-fed cattle and sheep farm has a children’s program that makes little ones the right-hand helpers of Farmer Dale."


8 Family Vacations That Won't Break the Bank

Lisa Rogak
June  2008

Fineliving.com looks at 8 affordable family vacations. (Weatherbury Farm is #1 !)  

Defining Quote: " Spend a week at Weatherbury Farm, a 100-acre working cattle and sheep farm .45 minutes southwest of Pittsburgh. You and your kids will receive a close-up look at life on a real farm."


Pick From A Crop of Farm Offerings

Laura Bly
April 18, 2008

A Sidebar to an article entitled "Savvy farmers open the gate to agritourism" (which deals in great part with grass-fed guru Joel Salatin) 

Defining Quote: " At Pennsylvania's kid-friendly Weatherbury Farm, a 100-acre grass-fed beef and sheep farm about 45 minutes southwest of Pittsburgh, guests can help Farmer Dale (his real name) with morning chores."


Family Spring Break and Early Summer Specials

Charis Atlas Heelan
March 18, 2008

Frommers.com reviews family spring break opportunities.

Defining Quote: " Weatherbury Farm ...combines bed and breakfast accommodation with life on a working farm and the chance to get your kids actively involved.."


Spend a weekend on a working Pennsylvania farm

Sarah Pascarella
January 31, 2008

Smartertravel.com article on Weatherbury Farm's kids' program.

Defining Quote: " Packages include lodging, daily breakfast, an educational packet about farming, participation in farm activities, and taxes. Children will help out with morning farm chores, including bottle-feeding baby animals, gathering eggs at the henhouse, and pumping water for the animals."


Make Your New Year's Resolutions and Hit the Road

December/January 2008

Everyday with Rachel Ray uses Weatherbury Farm to exemplify the resolution "simplify."

Defining Quote: " You'll learn how to live with less on Weatherbury Farm, where visitors spend their days helping Farmer Dale (his actual name) feed sheep and goats and collect eggs for breakfast."


You've done your homework. Now do their jobs.

November/December 2007


Ancestry Magazine suggests that you should get your hands dirty the way your ancestors did by spending a few days doing their jobs.

" Dig into the agricultural life of your farmer ancestors at Weatherbury Farm ... in Pennsylvania, where you can help out with the chores (or bask in the relaxing pace of rural life). Feed the animals, eat family-style breakfast, collect eggs form the chickens, or enjoy a host of more traditional vacation amenities nearby ."


Head for the Hills

Rich Warren
October  2007

Rick visits Weatherbury Farm during a tour of fall foliage in southwestern Pennsylvania.

Defining Quote: " Weatherbury prides itself in being “far from the madding crowd,” and when you awake to the sounds of cattle lowing in the bowl-shaped valley of pastures and woodlands, you’ll know what tranquility is all about."


Roughaging It

S. Kirk Walsh
May 5, 2007
Weatherbury Farm is one of three bed-and-breakfast farms reviewed by The New York Times in its T Style Magazine.

Defining Quote: " 'We want people to understand the source of their food' says Marcy Tudor of Weatherbury Farm' "


Affordable Vacations with Tots in Tow

Erin Burt
April 27,2007
Reposted January 15 2012
Weatherbury Farm is one of ten affordable vacations reviewed by Kiplingers.com. (Others include San Antonio, Washington DC, US Virgin Islands, Monterrey CA, Copper Mountain CO, Bahamas Cruise, Bruce Peninsula Ontario, Olympic National Park WA & Amelia Island FL)

Defining Quote: "Looking for a family-friendly alternative to hoity-toity bed and breakfasts? Weatherbury Farm in Avella, Pa., holds the barn door wide open for little ones. "


Hay Fever

Lolly Merrell
September 2006
Weatherbury Farm is one of seven farm vacations reviewed by Weekend Magazine.

Defining Quote: "You won't find anything that comes as close to your grandparents' farm."


The Urban Escapee

Jennifer Pesci Kelly
August 2006
Weatherbury Farm is one of several driving destinations reviewed by Pittsburgh Magazine.

Defining Quote: "Trade in your yard work and overscheduled weekends for a taste of the simple life."


Summer Rush

Sue Mayfield-Geiger
June 2006
Weatherbury Farm is one of 16 different vacation destinations reviewed by Sue (in this Houston, TX magazine).

Defining Quote: "Farm stays are the freshest way to experience a family vacation."


Farmstays show the grass really is greener on the other side

Suzy Walrath
May 2006
Suzy, her children & parents take a multi-generational trip to Weatherbury Farm.

Defining Quote: "The hard part was getting my kids to leave the farm--and particularly, the porch with all the cats--for lunch and dinner. Pretty much every activity that took us off the farm, including a trip to an old-fashioned soda fountain, ended with the kids begging to go back."

(the quarterly magazine accompanying the Pennsylvania Travel Guide)

Life on the Farm

Tracy Thompson
Summer 2005
Tracy & her family discover the joys of a farm vacation.

Defining Quote: "By morning, we discover that this B&B has most definitely prepared for our junior farmers. The Weatherbury Farm Kid's Packet, a folder full of worksheets, stickers and book-report fodder, is loaded and waiting for our eager farm hands to begin the morning chores."


Promoting Farm Fun

Jerrilynn Schumacher
Spring 2005

Jerrilyn looks at the Pennsylvania Farm Vacation Association, focusing on Weatherbury Farm.

Defining Quote: "Grandparents don't live on the farm anymore. I think it's really important for kids to experience that part of their heritage and to find out that food doesn't come from the grocery store."


fun on the FARM

November 2004


Parents Magazine (unbeknownst to us) looks briefly at three farm vacations.

"Tykes will want to head straight for the barn, where they can help bottle-feed baby animals, including rabbits, piglets and goats. Older kids can ride a horse or see a blacksmith at work"

Note from the Farm: We do have bottle-babies including goats and sheep. We also have rabbits (but don't bottle feed them), no piglets or horses (there is a riding stable about 25 minutes away). Our blacksmith does architectural ironwork, & does not shoe horses.


City folk spend days on the farm

Andrea Myers
August 4, 2004

Andrea (a farm girl herself) visits Weatherbury Farm and looks at the farm vacation experience.

Defining Quote: "Children and adults alike enjoy the farm vacation experience, the Tudors say. It's a bonding experience, one that lets each generation teach and learn about farm life, learn about themselves."


"Family gives new life to old building"

Harry Funk
August 1, 2004

An article on the restoration and renovations the Tudors have done at Weatherbury Farm.

Defining Quote: "Several years and 15 miles down the road later, the barn is up and running again. Instead of housing livestock, this time around it serves as guest suites for the Tudors' Weatherbury Farm in Independence Township."


"Farming for Fun"

Karen Kane
August 1, 2004

Karen's  trip to Weatherbury Farm with her daughters inspires a story.

Defining Quote: "We had gotten our hands dirty and our spirits refreshed. We hadn't pulled into the driveway before both girls wanted to know when we'd do it all again."


"Back to our Roots"

Mary Klaus
June 13, 2004

An article on farm vacations focusing on Weatherbury Farm.

Defining Quote: "Don Frazier and his family spend enough time in the fast lane, with him teaching, his wife working as an accountant and their daughters involved in various activities. So when the family from Abilene, Texas, was looking 'for a real, live traditional farm.' they turned to the internet and looked at the Pennsylvania Farm Vacation Association link. They decided to visit the Weatherbury Farm in Avella, Washington County, and found the vacation of their dreams."


"Alternative vacation: City slickers, suburbanites head to farms"

Judy Lin
June 7, 2004

This article has appeared on-line in USAtodayonline, CNN.com, MSNBC.com & other sites  and also in newspapers across the country

Judy visited Weatherbury Farm on the 1st day the new Livery was open for breakfast -- with 16 Brownies & their moms as guests. The article segues into many interesting farm vacation facts.

Defining Quote: "Yet the girls and their mothers are part of a growing number of city dwellers and suburbanites choosing to spend their vacations on farms instead of taking conventional excursions to the beach or mountains."


"Animal Farm"

Laura Faye Taxel
Spring/Summer, 2004


A look at Weatherbury Farm as a long weekend getaway destination.

Defining Quote: "Don't bring work with you. This is no place for business as usual. Don't plan on late nights with David Letterman. There are no TVs, telephones, radios or desks in these guestrooms. This is where you come to hear roosters crow at sunrise and owls hoot after dark; to walk through fields of clover and feel the tickle of a billy goat's tongue as he nibbles corn from your hand. Hosts Dale and Marcy Tudor and their 23-year-old son Nigel welcome couples, families and friends to stay for a week or a weekend and enjoy a taste of the good life, Pennsylvania farm-style."


"Far from the madding crows -- a family farm destination"

Doris Larson
 2004; Gray and Company


Doris' book looks at all kinds of Inn getaways from Cleveland including Weatherbury Farm.

Defining Quote: "Weatherbury Farm is a no-frills, kid-friendly, working farm where children are invited to help feed a lamb or calf with a Perrier bottle filled with milk. Or they can accompany Farmer Dale on his rounds of feeding the goats, guineas, ducks, gees a, and a small flock of those amazing Araucana chickens that lay blue, green and pink eggs."


"10 Summer Weekend Escapes"

Alyson Borgerding
May 25, 2003

Weatherbury Farm is one of The Columbus Dispatch's 10 summer weekend escapes.

Defining Quote: "Weatherbury Farm is a bed-and-breakfast that's also a working farm. Guests aren't required to help, but most kids -- which are Weatherbury's target demographic -- can't resist pitching in."


"Weatherbury Farms Encourages Guests to Slow Down and Relax"

2003 Edition

The Pittsburgh Metroguide spotlights Weatherbury Farm in its Washington County section.

Defining Quote: "Yes, it's a peaceful place where the tension knotted in your neck will quickly disappear.... But Weatherbury Farm isn't just about relaxation. This is the first chance for many adults and children to come face to face with sheep, cows, chickens, billy goats, geese and ducks."


"A Friend of the Family"
Cindy Hsu Han
August, 2002


A review of kid-friendly places in the Pittsburgh area.

" Weatherbury Farm Bed & Breakfast: At this B&B designed to give kids a chance to feel as if they're visiting Grandma's farm, guests can participate in farm chores and earn an "official certificate" during their stay. After a hearty breakfast, collect eggs, feed animals, and enjoy the pool and surroundings. And just a short hop to Meadowcroft. Independence Township, Washington County, 724/587-3763, http://www.weatherburyfarm.com "


"Sheep Fest offered back to basics experiences"

Lorraine Gregus
July 31, 2002

A look at the 1st annual Sheep Fest at Weatherbury Farm.

Defining Quote: "Wool dyers, rug makers, weavers and spinners were all delighted to share hints and techniques while folk music pleasantly filled the hillside."


"Down on the Farm"

Peter Jensen
May 19, 2002

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NEWS JOURNAL (Wilmington)
July 28, 2002: "On the farm, chores can be a treat"
THE PLAIN DEALER (Cleveland) August 4, 2002: "Kids eager to pitch in on farm vacation"

Peter writes of his suburban mini-driving family's visit to Weatherbury Farm.

Defining Quote: "The notion that living on a farm could be a vacation is not new, but it's a concept whose time has arrived. Have children ever been less aware of rural life?"


"City Slickers and Farmers"

Lou Ann Good
April 12, 2002

Lou Ann (who was on the Poland study team with Marcy) takes a look at Pennsylvania Farm Vacations

Defining Quote: "As the president of the Pennsylvania Farm Vacation Association, Inc., Tudor is a vocal advertisement of the program that offers city and suburban residents a chance to leave stress behind and escape to the peace and quiet of the country."


"Break Time"

Peter Jensen
February 24, 2002
The Sun's list of 10 places to spend Spring Break includes Williamsburg, New York City, Gettysburg -- and yes! Weatherbury Farm.

Defining Quote: " Dale and Marcy Tudor may not be prepared to welcome everybody from Baltimore to stay, but it's a good bet they could handle a few at their unusual farm bed and breakfast in western Pennsylvania.  "


The Bridges of Washington County

Michelle Pilecki
2001; The Globe Pequot Press


Weatherbury Farm is Michelle's choice of lodging for her Washington County Escape.

Defining Quote: "Folks wanting a full farm stay can pitch right in and get at least a taste of the modern farm experience with the Tudor family, who even provide a booklet about Weatherbury Farm, which includes farm lingo."


Avella Tradesman forging career from 7 year blacksmith hobby

Heather Nalbone
October 1, 2001

Heather profiles  Nigel and his blacksmith business with a discussion of the current state of blacksmithing.

Defining Quote: " The 20-year-old Avella resident has a passion for the metal industry that began more than seven years ago."


"Did you hear the one about the Avella farmer in Poland?"

Heather Nalbone
September 26, 2001
Marcy travels to Poland to study agri-tourism in that country.

Defining Quote: " ' Europeans have a whole different mindset toward vacations, ' Tudor said. ' I would like to see (farmstays) become much more known in Pennsylvania and throughout the country, and I think there's opportunity for that. "


"Green Acres"
Barbara Benham
Spring/Summer 2001 

(This article also appeared in the June 2001 issue of Travel & Leisure Magazine.)

 Weatherbury Farm is included on the "More Fodder" list of farm vacations. 

Defining Quote: "The full barnyard -- plus a swimming pool, located in a county with 23 covered bridges."

"Down on the farm"

Sharon Jaffee Dan
April, 2001
A review of farm stays across the United States where families can experience life on the farm.

Defining Quote: "Families rise and shine to Marcy's cinnamon apple pancakes. Then it's off to feed cattle and chickens and help make hay."

(the magazine of American Airlines and American Eagle)

"Kid Friendly B&Bs"

Ken McAlpine
November 1, 2000 

Lists seven bed and breakfasts nationwide that are kid-friendly -- Weatherbury Farm is on the list. List complements author's experience at west-coast kid-friendly B&B.

"Farm bed-and-breakfasts give a fresh perspective"

Trudy Gray
June 25, 2000


A review of tri-state farm bed and breakfasts featuring  Weatherbury Farm.

Defining Quote: "Marcy Tudor also treasures that contact with her visitors. She and her husband Dale, a business analyst with Bayer Corp. in Robinson, bought a 100-acre Washington County farm in 1986. Planning to offer a place of peace 'Far From the Madding Crowd,' they borrowed the name Weatherbury Farm from that Thomas Hardy novel."


"Of modems and moos: Internet becoming latest farming tool"

Paul Snatchko
May 7 , 2000
Weatherbury Farm's Web Site is featured in an article about Washington County Farms using the Internet.

Defining Quote: "One of the beauties of it is that even if they've heard of us from another source, we can direct them to the Web Site."

(Innsight for Aspiring Innkeepers

"Weatherbury Farm B&B Captures Energy Star Award"

January-February 2000

Weatherbury Farm is awarded the 1999 EPA Energy Star Small Business Award.

Defining Quote: "Weatherbury Farm Bed & Breakfast, a 100-acre family vacation spot, was honored for its success at making energy-saving improvements that protect the environment while cutting costs . . .actually reducing heating costs by 50 percent."

(Claysville, PA)

"Avella Bed & Breakfast Awarded for Conservation"

Doug Teagarden
October 22, 1999

Weatherbury Farm is awarded the 1999 EPA Energy Star Small Business Award.

Defining Quote: "In winning EPA's first ENERGY STAR® Small Business Award, a B&B on the Pennsylvania/West Virginia border has graphically demonstrated how environmental protection and corporate profit go hand in hand."


"Tudor' style: Family turns Avella farmhouse into an award winner"

Judy Chestnutt
October 11, 1999


Weatherbury Farm is awarded the 1999 EPA Energy Star Small Business Award.

Defining Quote: "When Marcy and Dale Tudor began to restore their 1870s farmhouse, they were meticulous about making their new home 'old' again... But also during the ongoing restoration, she and her husband installed insulation, window caulking, high-efficiency heat pumps and water measures to the century-old house they were turning into a bed and breakfast"


"A breath of country air"

Mike Naylor
September 18, 1999


Farm vacations, Weatherbury style -- the answer to the perfect vacation -- a mixture of excitement and relaxation.

Defining Quote: "It's not your typical vacation getaway. Nestled into the hills of Western Pennsylvania is Weatherbury Farm, a 104 acre vacation mecca for boomers anxious to get away from the hustle-and-bustle of city life and get a taste of life on a working farm."

(Uniontown, PA)

"Fun down on the farm: Farm vacations perfect way to experience little bit of country life"
Joanna Blair
September 1999


A look at farm vacations, focusing on Weatherbury Farm

Defining Quote: "Vacations are designed to take people from their every-day activities to experience something out of the ordinary. Farm vacations, a chance to experience the world of agriculture, is growing in popularity."


"Moving History"
Kelly D. Burgess
April 4, 1999

An in-progress look at the relocation and reconstruction of the livery at Weatherbury Farm.

Defining Quote: "When finished, the livery will stable people, not horses and it will house them in luxurious suites complete with a breathtaking view of the countryside."


"A Working Farm B&B Caters to Families"
Linda C Feltman
March/April 1999

A look at how Weatherbury Farm allows families to experience a working farm.

Defining Quote: "Within minutes, I felt at home with the Tudors, who have turned their working farm into a destination where families can spend a week or a weekend experiencing hands-on farm life."


"Working Family -- Is your farm special?"
Robin Hoffman

October, 1998

Weatherbury Farm is featured in a farm magazine article on marketing

Defining Quote: "So the Tudors work hard to treat guests to a warmly traditional family farm holiday. It all starts with a personal commitment, not only from Marcy but also from her husband, Dale, and 17-year-old son, Nigel."

(PA Travel Council)

"New Director Elected to PTC Board"
October, 1998

Marcy Tudor is elected to serve on the Pennsylvania Travel Council's Board of Directors. The Pennsylvania Travel Council is the leading trade association whose mission is to promote and protect the interests of the hospitality and tourism industry in Pennsylvania.

"Kids welcome at many B&Bs"
Debbi Snook
August 30, 1997

Weatherbury Farm is featured as a bed and breakfast that delights in young visitors.

Defining Quote: At Weatherbury Farm, owners Dale and Marcy Tudor have always accepted children, and  their son, Nigel, sets the tone. The 16 year old budding blacksmith takes children on his morning rounds.."


"A little touch of home"
Michelle Pilecki
July 1997

Weatherbury Farm's ambience and on -the-farm activities, area attractions and policies are reviewed.

Defining Quote: "Drawing its name from the setting of Thomas Hardy's Far From the Madding Crowd, Weatherbury Farm is an much a vacation destination as a B&B, filled with literary whimsy as well as the aspects of a working farm.".


"In-House Publishing, Professional Results"
Tim McCollum
November 1996

Nation's Business looks at the desktop publishing revolution, focusing on Weatherbury Farm.

Defining Quote: "Yesteryear's charm meets today's desktop-publishing technologies when bed-and-breakfast owners Marcy and Dale Tudor turn out their own marketing brochures."


"B&B Owner wins National Small Business Award for Marketing Savvy"
Marcy Tudor
July/August 1996

Marcy talks about winning the "Most Innovative Business Marketing Award" for entrepreneurial creativity and desktop publishing marketing savvy" and her philosophies on running Weatherbury Farm.

Defining Quote: "Right from the moment our guests arrive, we make them feel special."


"A Place Apart"
Denise Bachman
June 16,1996

Weatherbury Farm looked at from a Sunday "Homes" perspective.

Defining Quote: "The home's exterior  and grounds are just as enchanting as the interior"


"Most Innovative Marketing Awards Winners"
Marlene Fedin
May 1996

Marcy Tudor, Weatherbury Farm, is one of six entrepreneurs nationwide to receive Microsoft Publisher's/Home Office Computing Most Innovative Business Marketing Award.

Defining Quote: "Marcy Tudor may be more cash-challenged than bigger-budgeted hotels and resorts, but she's every bit as skilled in the art of destination marketing."

(mon valley edition)

"A getaway vacation down on the farm"
Dave Zuchowski
April 21,1996

Dave provides a wonderful overview of Weatherbury Farm's attractions, animals and hosts.

Defining Quote: "Places like ours give people ...a glimpse of the more simple life their ancestors enjoyed."


"Cattle Call"
Natalie Wermeyer

Marcy's college magazine reviews her careers and how she (and husband Dale) got interested in running a farm bed and breakfast.

Defining Quote: "My father studied animal husbandry and became a banker; I studied accounting and became a farmer."


"Weatherbury Farm Bed & Breakfast"
Barb and Dave Wagner
March/April 1996

Intrigued by Weatherbury's brochure, Barb & Dave visit Weatherbury Farm and delight in its pleasures.

Defining Quote: "Old MacDonald has a farm, and so do Dale and Marcy Tudor. And they would love to share it with you."

(Mon valley edition)

"Discover Christmas 'Far From the Madding Crowd'"
Leann Junker
December 3, 1995

Christmas at Weatherbury is a special time of year. A tour of the house with links to Christmases past.

Defining Quote: "If you visit Weatherbury Farm for a holiday house tour, be prepared to take a look at scenes from Christmas past."


"Farms offer home-grown vacations"
Randy Kraft
August 6, 1995

Randy traces Marcy from her childhood in Berks County, PA to running Weatherbury Farm and serving as president of the Pennsylvania Farm Vacation Association

Defining Quote: "Tudor wants to make more people aware that they can enjoy farm vacations in Pennsylvania."


"Vacation with Old MacDonald -- Farms give families chance to moo-over into country"
Alice T Carter
July 16, 1994

Weatherbury Farm is featured in this look at farm vacations.

Defining Quote: "The Tudors christened the place Weatherbury Farm after the Wessex setting of Thomas Hardy's novel, 'Far From the Madding Crowd.' And indeed it is that.."


"Bed & breakfasts opening doors to region's travelers"
David Welch
January 24-30, 1993

A look at the business side of B&Bs, focusing on Weatherbury's business  orientation.

Defining Quote: "Marcy and Dale Tudor designed their own personal retirement plan, and they didn't consult a financial expert to do it."


"Far from the madding crowd"
Katherine Pettigrew
October 1993

An  overview of the charms of Weatherbury Farm.

Defining Quote: "The perfect place to stay during your Washington County family retreat is Weatherbury Farm."


"A farm vacation for city slickers"
Don Herschel
June 15, 1993

A journal account of Don's visit to Weatherbury  Farm, highlighting ambience, history and breakfast.

Defining Quote: "If you're looking for a relaxing country getaway, with a bit of history and entertainment thrown in, you don't have to go in Lancaster County. A 'farm vacation' at Dale and Marcy Tudor's Washington county may be just the thing. .... With my first step inside, I could tell that the owners had put a lot of work into restoring the house and paid a great deal of attention to detail."

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