Bed & breakfasts opening doors to region’s travelers

Pittsburgh Business Times | January 24-30, 1993

As reported by David Welch, in the Pittsburgh Business Times, January 24-30 1994:

” Avella — Marcy and Dale Tudor designed their own personal retirement plan, and they didn’t consult a financial expert to do it.
Both professionals, the Tudors have turned their 1860s Washington County farmhouse into a bed and breakfast with the vision of living in it and running a business that eventually could be the family’s sole source of income, according to Mrs. Tudor.
Weatherbury Farm Bed &  Breakfast, opened by the Tudors in May 1992, features cozy guest rooms located in rural Western Pennsylvania and breakfast cooked and served by the Tudor family.
‘People ask us to invest our money, but we say ‘no, we invest in our business.’ Mrs. Tudor said.
Bed and breakfasts, private homes opened to paying overnight guests, are a common sight in other parts of the country but a relatively new phenomenon in Western Pennsylvania. …
Several of the new establishments have been opened by people like the Tudors who are seeking extra income and a particular way of life.
Currently, the operation gives the Tudor family some additional income, Mrs. Tudor said, but much of what the business earns is put back into the house in the form of continued restoration and expansion. The family is working on adding two rooms to the house, which will double its capacity.
Mrs. Tudor said she hopes to expand sufficiently the farmhouse by the time she and Mr. Tudor retire — they are in their early 40s — so that it provides them a comfortable living.”