Cattle Call

LaRoche College Magazine | Spring 1996

As reported by Natalie Wermeyer, in the LaRoche College Magazine, Spring 1996:

” Marcy Tudor, ’83, MBA, accountant, farmer, owns Weatherbury Farm in Avella, Pennsylvania with her husband, Dale.
On their 100 acres, they run a small livestock farm and a bed and breakfast. Tudor has switched career tracks a few times. In 1968, she graduated with a bachelor’s in psychology from Reading’s Albright College. She says she was interested in taking accounting then, but as a woman, was discouraged from studying it. Later, after serving in the Air Force, she pursued a master’s degree in business administration from Penn State.
After working in Pittsburgh’s metals industry and for Pennsylvania’s Foster Grandparent Program, she moved to Germany in 1980 when her husband, a business analyst, was transferred.
Tudor got the idea for the bed and breakfast inn in Germany: ‘We traveled around the countryside on vacation and stayed in several bed and breakfast inns. I enjoyed them so much that I decided to open one of my own when I got back to the United States.
‘All MBAs want to be entrepreneurs,’ she explains.
After she returned to the States, Tudor attended La Roche College to obtain that accounting degree she’d always wanted. (‘My husband says that when I get bored, I go back to school,’ she jokes.) Around the same time, the Tudors began their search for bed and breakfast property.
‘After three years, we found the ideal place.’ says Tudor. In southwestern Pennsylvania they discovered an Italianate farmhouse built in the 1870s. ‘It had 100 acres, so we decided to farm and raise livestock on it.’
Although Dale Tudor was raised on a farm in Williamsport, the Tudors were not experienced cowboys or farmers. ‘So we read a lot before we started,’ says Tudor.
For three years now, the Tudors have hosted guests and raised cattle and sheep on Weatherbury Farm. ‘We’ve thrown in a few ducks, geese, and rabbits for good measure,’ Tudor laughs. She says the bed and breakfast is a perfect place to stay if you’re visiting Meadowcroft Village (‘a tourist attraction as great as Williamsburg, although no one knows about it’) or if you just want to relax. There’s only two guest rooms now, but as you can imagine, Tudor has plans to expand.”