In-House Publishing, Professional Results

Nation’s Business Magazine | November 1996

As reported by Tim McCollum in Nation’s Business magazine, November 1996:

” The guests have had their breakfast and have gone out for the day. The chores are finished. Now the editor of The Weatherbury Moos can sit down at her computer to finish off another edition of her business’s quarterly newsletter.
For Marcy Tudor, the newsletter is a vital business tool, allowing her to keep in touch with former guests of Weatherbury Farm, the bed-and-breakfast that she and her husband, Dale, own on their farmland in Avella, Pa. The newsletter, along with the lure of a country weekend on a working farm, she says, is part of the reason her guests keep coming back.
The Weatherbury Moos is just one of the documents Tudor creates on her computer to promote Weatherbury Farm, 20 miles southwest of Pittsburgh. Since the inn opened to guests four years ago, Tudor has also produced marketing brochure, greeting cards, and a 40 page guide to the farm and its surroundings; she uses her computer; a laser printer; and a desktop-publishing program, Publisher by Microsoft Corp.
The software, Tudor says, has enabled her to produce professional-looking documents without the expense of hiring a professional designer. ‘I have such a good time doing this,’ she says. ‘I don’t feel like I’m very artistic. But the software allows me to put that artistic part of me to work.’ …
Marcy Tudor, the bed-and breakfast owner, says the professional desktop publishers who have seen her work have been impressed that she can produce such high-quality materials on her own using basic publishing software. ”