Pick from a Crop of Farm Offerings

USA Today & travel.usatoday.com | April 18, 2008

As reported by Laura Bly , in USA Today & travel.usatoday.com  April 18, 2008 (this article was a sidebar to an article entitled “Savvy farmers open the gate to agritourism” (which deals in great part with grass-fed guru Joel Salatin):

“Agritourism opportunities can range from working stays at bath-down-the-hall farmhouses to sumptuous, starched tablecloth dinners. USA TODAY’s Laura Bly offers a sampling….

At Pennsylvania’s kid-friendly Weatherbury Farm, a 100-acre grass-fed beef and sheep farm about 45 minutes southwest of Pittsburgh, guests can help Farmer Dale (his real name) with morning chores. ($87.25-$244.88 a night including breakfast, 724-587-3763 or weatherburyfarm.com).”