Travel Wishes — Destination ‘F’ | February 18, 2010

As reported in the February 18 2010:

” ‘F’ is for ‘Farm Vacations’….Okay, I am cheating a bit by making the “F” destination a farm stay. However, when I started doing research, I quickly realized that your expectations about your farm stay need to be thoroughly identified so your vacation will not be disappointing.

Contrasting Expectations

First, many accommodations come up in an internet search under the keywords “farm” and “vacation.” A quick review of those shows that while many bed and breakfast inns are located on what was or is a farm, if you want your family to have a “hands-on” experience of farm life and farm animals, you will not find them there. While these farm destinations offer beautiful scenery and a peaceful country vacation, they will not expose you to much more than observation of animal life – which is more than sufficient for some.

The Relaxing Farm Vacation Experience…

A good example for those NOT requiring a 6am “feed the chickens and milk the cows experience”, but who want a farm accommodation might be ….

Working Farms – A Different Vacation Perspective…

Want to feed a goat, milk a cow, feed some chickens? Maybe you don’t but your kids DO! Then a working farm vacation is what you are looking for.

I grew up in an agricultural area and live in one now (neighbors shown above!), so the fact that there are so many children around who have never seen a chicken, or a goat, or a horse, or a pig, seems a little sad to me. Such is the nature of the urban and suburban lifestyle, but you can do something about it for your family.

Just 45 minutes southwest of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA in Avella is Weatherbury Farm. With it’s 100 acres of farmland, sheep, pigs, chickens and bunnies, parents and grandparents have an awesome opportunity to teach children a respect for animals and to provide an understanding of farms and the food they provide.

Families staying more than two nights are invited to take part in the Weatherbury Farm Kids Program. Up and at’em after a hearty country breakfast, your kids can help Farmer Dale with the morning’s farm chores and they even receive a certificate at the end of their stay. If idle hands are the devil’s playthings, and the “There is nothing to do” comments are something you’ve heard on past vacations, no worries about either of those at Weatherbury Farm. Fresh air, chores, and sunshine – what better way to spend a family vacation?

You won’t be sleeping in the barn either – although I could think of worse places to sleep! Check out the many options on the Weatherbury Farm web site or read some reviews from prior happy visitors. Phone Weatherbury Farm at: (724) 587-3763 for more info on reservations and availability.

So, decide what taking a farm vacation means to you and then take full advantage of the country vacation experience. Whether to just relax and unwind or to experience rural life on a working farm, destinations are available to make this your next perfect vacation.”