Volunteer Vacations on Working Farms

Traveltips.usatoday.com | April 9, 2010

As reported by Jonita Davis, in the traveltips.usatoday.com  April 9 2010:

” For anyone looking for a meaningful vacation, a volunteer vacation on a working farm may be the right one for you. These vacations take you to farms around the world that are in need of an extra hand. You do not work for money; your get room, board and some meals in return for service. You must pay to participate in these vacations, and the work is hard. These vacations can last from one week to a few months.

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American Work Farms

You don’t have to leave the country to have a meaningful vacation. Places like the Weatherbury Farm outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania , have a work-farm experience for the entire family. You can stay as little as two nights in a bed-and-breakfast-like setting. The whole family gets the opportunity to perform chores around the farm and learn about its workings. The work is on a volunteer basis; visitors who prefer can opt out of the chores for a more relaxing vacation at any time.”

(Ed note:  Chores happen every day after breakfast. We like to think of them as light chores.  Our insurance does not allow  farm vacation guests to use farm machinery. Our mission as a farm vacation is to educate our guests about farming and agriculture, with an emphasis on organic.)