Weatherbury Farm Bed and Breakfast

Uptake Lodging Blog | March 8,2009

As reported by Brooke Morton, on the Uptake Lodging Blog – An honest take on lodging  March 8, 2009:

” Upon finishing Barbara Kingsolver’s “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life,” I couldn’t help but yearn for the farm life, including everything from planting seeds to feeding chickens. Unfortunately, my lifestyle in suburban Orlando allows for little more than growing tomatoes and basil in containers. But the Weatherbury Farm just 45 minutes southwest of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, offers travelers a unique opportunity to experience life on the farm, and perhaps acquire an appreciation of where food comes from. Get a little dirty while helping Farmer Dale, then relax and enjoy the pastoral setting.

Activities on the farm include collecting eggs, feeding the sheep and other livestock, bottle feeding baby animals and learning about organic farming. This is more than a petting zoo: It’s a chance to care for animals and understand how much goes into raising them. Other activities include swimming in the pool or playing croquet.

Retire to one of five rooms, with fireplaces, air conditioning and refrigerators. WiFi is available on this farm.

For more information about this bed and breakfast near Pittsburgh, call 724-587-3763.”