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Rye Fields 2019

In 2019, Danko Rye was grown in Independence Township on  9.0 acres on the farm known as “Pleasant View Farm.”  This farm was established in 1824 by J.M Welsh.  Welsh is listed in the Caldwell Atlas as a farmer, grain, stock and wool grower.  The farm was dormant for many years; however since 2006, organic grains and hay were grown on this farm.  Weatherbury Farm has farmed this land since 2017.  The farm has been certified organic since 2006.

The rye was planted on October 25 & 26, 2018.

Clover was frost seeded into the grain on April 12, 2019. (The clover suppresses weeds, aids in holding up the grain and, eventually provides nitrogen to the next crop.)

The Danko Rye was harvested on  July 17, 2019.

At the 2019 Washington County Fair, the Rye sheaf won 2nd place and the jar of Rye grains won 1st place.

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April 21 2019

Danko Rye Field 4.12.19 • Weatherbury Rye Flour in the field

Danko Rye emerging from the winter.

July 16 2019

Danko Rye • Rye Flour in the field • Weatherbury Farm Grain Tracker

Danko Rye Field : Look closely and you can see the frost-seeded clover in the undergrowth.

Rye Flour in the field.

July 17 2019

Harvesting Rye • Weatherbury Farm 2019

Harvesting Rye

About Danko Rye

Rye is the traditional bread wheat for people from Germany east to Russia.  Known as the rye belt, this is where most of the world’s rye is grown and consumed.

At Weatherbury Farm, we grow Danko Rye, which is a true milling-type rye with an interesting balance between spicy and bready.  It is a favorite among beer makers and distillers; bakers, of course,  love it to make authentic European-style rye breads.

Products Milled from Danko RyeWhole Rye Flour · Weatherbury Farm

Danko Rye is milled into whole and sifted unbleached rye flour.

Health benefits of Rye

People have undervalued the benefits of rye for a long time.  However, today many people are starting to use it for its numerous health benefits. It can help you lose weight, boost your metabolism, control your glucose levels (good for fighting diabetes), and has a heart-healthy fiber which lowers cholesterol levels.

More Information

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