Merlot Bean Field 2020

Merlot Small Red Beans 2020

In 2020, Merlot Small Red Beans were grown in Independence Township on 2.52 acres on our home farm.  The farm is part of a 436 acre grant  (known as Extravagance) surveyed to John Doddridge on April 6,1786.  According to the Caldwell Atlas , the farm was established by M.T. Murdock in 1825.  Murdock is listed as a farmer, grain, stock and wool grower (with 150 sheep). The farm was later a dairy operation (the Patterson family: 1945-1966) and a cattle operation (the Eastham family: 1966-1986).  In 2008, we began raising historical grains on both the home farm and neighboring farms.  The grains were certified organic in 2009 .  In April 2014 Weatherbury Farm began stone-grinding flour. Weatherbury Farm  also raises grass fed beef.

The beans were  planted on June 21, 2020.

The Merlot Small Red Beans  were harvested on  November 10, 2020.

For an illustrated explanation of how Weatherbury’s beans are planted, harvested and cleaned, visit the from seed to flour page.

More information on Merlot Red Beans below the pictures!

June 21 2020

Merlot Beans ready for planting 2020 • Weatherbury Farm Grain Tracker

Small Red Merlot Beans — a new growing adventure for Weatherbury Farm in 2020.

June 21 2020

Planting Merlot Beans2020 • Weatherbury 2020 Grain Tracker

Planting beans at Weatherbury Farm.  A harrow behind the planter smooths the ground after the beans are planted.

July 9 2020

Merlot 7.9.20 • Weatherbury Farm 2020 Grain Tracker

Red Merlot Beans 16 days after planting.

August 9 2020

Merlot 8.9.20 • Weatherbury Farm 2020 Grain Tracker

One month later, the beans are in flower.

November 10 2020

Harvesting Merlot • Weatherbury Farm 2020 Grain Tracker

Directly harvesting the beans with our Gleaner F2.  Small combines like this are no longer made in the USA.  So we spend many hours each year maintaining our combine.

November 10 2020

Lifting fiber optic cable • Weatherbury Farm 2020 Grain Tracker

It just so happened that the day we were harvesting the Merlot Red Beans, workers were hanging fiber optic cable.  Since the cable was lying on the ground, the workers helped us by holding it up as we worked.

So not only did we have the first harvest of the red beans, we also had the promise of quicker internet.  Quite a memorable day!

November 10 2020

Unloading Merlot • Weatherbury Farm 2020 Grain Tracker

Unloading the red beans from the gleaner into the gravity wagon.

November 10 2020

Merlot in wagon • Weatherbury Farm 2020 Grain Tracker

Merlot Beans in the gravity wagon, ready to be transported (across the street) for storage.

November 16 & 17 2020

Grain Cleaning · Growing Organic Grains at Weatherbury Farm

The first step in cleaning the beans is to move the beans from the gravity wagon to Clipper Seed Cleaner. The cleaner uses a combination of perforated screens and air to clean the beans.

The good beans go through the scalp screen (top screen) which removes large impurities like clods of dirt. Then the beans go over the sieve screen (bottom screen) which removes broken beans, weed seeds and dust. Then the beans fall through an air column which removes debris that is the same size but lighter than the beans.

February 1 2021

Merlot Beans on Gravity Table • Weatherbury Farm 2020 Grain Tracker

After the beans are cleaned with our Clipper Seed Cleaner, we use our gravity table to sort the beans based on density.

February 9 2021

Merlot Beans • Weatherbury Farm 2020 Grain Tracker

Voila!  Merlot Red Beans ready for packaging.

About Merlot Small Red Beans

Merlot Small Red Beans are a new growing adventure for Weatherbury Farm for 2020. The beans are said to have a slightly sweet, somewhat nutty flavor.  Not a commonly eaten bean in the U.S. (yet!) – they are the go-to bean for Nicaraguans (red beans and rice, anyone?).

Products from Merlot Small Red  BeansMerlot Beans • Weatherbury Farm 2020 Grain Tracker

Merlot Small Red Beans are cleaned and offered as dry beans.  For best results, beans should be soaked overnight before cooking to achieve optimum texture and flavor. With their rich full flavor, merlot red beans are suited for everything from chili to Latin cuisine.

Health benefits of Beans

Red beans are an excellent source of dietary fiber and a low-fat source of protein. Both protein and fiber can help you stay fuller longer as well as decreasing your risk of many chronic diseases.  Red beans are a good source of phosphorus and iron. They also contain three minerals key to controlling blood pressure — potassium ,calcium, and magnesium.  Red beans also contain phytonutrients which have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

More Information

Merlot Small Red Beans can be ordered either for our monthly on-farm pickup or you can have your order sent to you.

To read more about Merlot Small Red beans, please visit our products page.