Zorro Black Turtle Bean Facts 2019

Zorro Black Bean Fields 2019 • Organic Black Beans • Weatherbury Grain Tracker

Zorro Black Bean Fields 2019

In 2019, Zorro Black Turtle Beans were grown in Independence Township on 3.4 acres on the farm established by Robert Leggett in 1815.  Leggett had  holdings totaling 585 acres in the area and raised 1000 sheep.  In addition to being a farmer, he was a breeder and dealer of 1st class Spanish sheep (Merino).

Today the farm still raises sheep.  Weatherbury Farm transitioned this land from conventional in 2013 and it was certified organic in 2015.

The beans were planted on June 29,2019.  Omega Golden Flax was interseeded on the fields using hand spinners after the beans were planted.

On  October 19 2019, the beans were swathed.  Swathing gathers the beans into windrows to allow them to dry down without wildlife pressure.

The beans were harvested on October 21, 2019.

For an illustrated explanation of how Weatherbury’s beans are planted, harvested and cleaned, visit the from seed to flour page.

More information on Zorro Black Beans below the pictures!

June 26 2019

Planting Black Beans 2019 • Organic Black Turtle Beans • Weatherbury Farm Grain Tracker

Planting Zorro Black Turtle Beans

August 22 2019

Black Beans in Bloom 8.11.19 • Organic Weatherbury Beans

 Zorro Black Beans in bloom

October 19 2019

Swathing Black Beans 10.19.19 • Weatherbury Farm Grain Tracker

Swathing Zorro Black Beans

October 21 2019

Harvesting Zorro Black Beans 10.21.19 • Weatherbury Organic Black Beans

Harvesting  Zorro Black Beans

About Zorro Black Turtle Beans

Beans were one of the first foods that were gathered and prepared by humans; some researchers think that black beans  may have been the first legume to

Organic Black Turtle Beans • Weatherbury Farm

Organic Black Turtle Beans

be domesticated for food. Black beans were first  consumed in Mexico and South America about  7,000 years ago,  .

Black beans are quite difficult to grow in our area (witness our crop loss in 2016 and 2018).  We plant Zorro Black Turtle Beans because their mounding characteristic shades out weeds.  Additionally, flax was interseeded to further control weeds.

Products from Zorro Black Turtle Beans

Zorro Black Turtle Beans are cleaned and offered as dry beans.  For best results, beans should be soaked overnight before cooking to achieve optimum texture and flavor. With their rich full flavor, black turtle beans are suited for everything from baked beans to soups to Latin cuisine.

Health benefits of Black Beans

Black beans are a nutritional powerhouse, loaded with protein, fiber, molybdenum, copper and zinc.  They have more antioxidant benefits, gram for gram than other beans.  In addition to protein, black beans provide lots of fiber (both soluble and insoluble). Both protein and fiber can help you stay fuller longer as well as decreasing your risk of many chronic diseases.

More Information

Zorro Black Turtle Beans can be ordered either for our monthly on-farm pickup or you can have your order sent to you.

To read more about black beans, please visit our products page.

More information on Zorro Black Turtle Beans and other grains are on the grains  grown page.