Gehl Hull-less Oats Facts 2020

Oat Fields 2020 • Weatherbury Farm 2020 Grain Tracker

Oat Fields 2020

In 2020, Gehl Hull-less Oats were grown in Independence Township on three fields on 5.6  acres on the farm established by Robert Leggett in 1815.  Leggett had  holdings totaling 585 acres in the area and raised 1000 sheep.  In addition to being a farmer, he was a breeder and dealer of 1st class Spanish sheep (Merino).

Today the farm still raises sheep.  Weatherbury Farm transitioned this land from conventional in 2013 and it was certified organic in 2015.

The oats were planted on May 13, 2020 .

Clover was inter-seeded on the oats field on May 20, 2020. (The clover suppresses weeds, aids in holding up the oats and eventually will be next year’s hay crop. In our crop rotation, hay follows oats.)

The oats were harvested on  July 30, 2020.

The Washington County Fair was not held in 2020.  However, at the 2019 Washington County Fair, the sheaf of Gehl Oats won 3rd place and the jar of Gehl Oats won 1st place.

For an illustrated explanation of how Weatherbury grains become flour (and how Gehl hull-less Oats become rolled oats), visit the from seed to flour page.

More information on Gehl Hull-less Oats below the pictures!


Gehl Oats in field 6.21.20 • Weatherbury Farm 2020 Grain Tracker

Gehl Oats in the field, 2 months after planting.

July 30 2020

Combining Gehl-Oats 7.18.20 • Weatherbury Farm 2020 Grain Tracker

Harvesting Oats.

After harvesting, the oats will be triple-cleaned and then rolled, with none of the processing used in producing commercial rolled oats.

July 30 2020

ehl Oats Straw from Harvest 7.18.20 • Weatherbury Farm 2020 Grain Tracker

Harvesting Oats.

In this photo, you can see the oat straw and chaff being expelled from the back of the combine.  The oat straw is baled and used for animal bedding (and in our garden).

July 30 2020

Gehl Oats Unloading into Wagon • 7.30.20 • Weatherbury Farm 2020 Grain Tracker

Harvesting Oats.

Unloading the oats from the combine into the wagon for transport back to Weatherbury Farm.

About Gehl Hull-less Oats

Gehl is the first bald-seeded hulless oat;  the hull threshes free from the oat groat which means it can be rolled “live” rather than being steamed prior to rolling.

Products Milled from Gehl Hull-less OatsWeatherbury Farm Organic Rolled Oats

After we harvest our oats, they are triple-cleaned and rolled, with none of the processing used in producing commercial rolled oats. Thus, Weatherbury Rolled Oats have their natural vitality, nutrients and flavor.

Health benefits of Oats

Oats are incredibly nutritious.  They are a good source of carbs and fiber and are loaded with important vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Additionally, oats contain a  beta-glucan, a fiber found to be very effective in lowering cholesterol.  Oats also have avenanthramides, an antioxidant unique to oats, which may help protect blood vessels from the damaging effects of LDL cholesterol and keep blood pressure low.

Weatherbury’s oats are rolled “live;” commercial oats are steamed before rolling. Thus, none of their vitality, flavor or nutrients is lost in the process.

More Information

Rolled Oats can be ordered either for our monthly on-farm pickup or you can have your order sent to you.

To read more about Rolled Oats, please visit our products page.

More information on Rolled Oats and other grains grown at Weatherbury Farm are on the grains we grow page.