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Weatherbury Farm Overview
Raising Grass-fed meats, Certified Organic Grains,
Milling Estate Flours and Offering Farm Stay Vacations


 Weatherbury Farm from the Air

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Weatherbury Farm -- explore the possibilities: 

Certified Organic  Flours & Milled Products            Grass Fed Beef & Lamb
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"Discover how the owners of this 100-acre, idyllic spot near Pittsburgh focus on using integrated techniques to manage their sustainable farming operation"
Dallas Morning News October 27, 2011


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Synergies at Weatherbury

Have you ever wanted to eat beef or lamb from animals raised their entire life on one farm eating grass as they were intended to? Would you like to buy flour from a farm that raised the grain organically and did all of the processing on farm? Would you like to stay at that farm and learn more about where your food comes from and how it is produced?

Weatherbury Farm is a family owned and operated sustainable farm located in the rolling hills of southwestern Pennsylvania. It is a quiet place, far from the madding crowd, removed from the cares of the world where meadows and gardens, fields and valleys combine to create a perfect setting of tranquil relaxation. Here the gentle amenities of life are still observed.  

Grass-fed beef and lamb are raised for sale directly to the consumer. In 2007. ago Weatherbury Farm transitioned from a cow calf farm where the calves were sold at auction, to a grass-fed and grass-finished operation where the calves spend their entire life on the farm and are sold as grass-fed beef directly to the consumer. At this time we also started selling our lambs as grass-fed lamb directly to the consumer.

Since 2009, certified organic grains (soft & hard wheat, oats, spelt, open-pollinated corn, emmer and einkorn) have also been grown on the farm.  (We have been farming without herbicides, pesticides, and chemical fertilizers since 1988.) We have sold our grains to a regional flour mill, a micro-distillery, a micro-brewery and to other farmers. In April 2014, we began milling flour for sale directly to consumers.  Plans are also in place to make pasta out of our flour to give consumers a ready-to-use product which emphasizes the flavorful nuances of the different grains we grow. We have  a flour mill with millstones from Austria, an oat roller mill from Australia and a small Italian commercial pasta machine. Our food processing area has been inspected by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.

With our flour milling operation we are doing something that is truly unique. In the news today, you hear about food miles and how the average meal travels 1500 miles to the plate passing many processing plants on the way. This uncertainty of where your food has been and what has been done to it along the way creates the demand that our products fill. From putting the seed into the soil to putting the flour into the bag all of the operations of planting, harvesting, grain cleaning and milling  happen on our farm. Weatherbury Farm is the only small farm producing estate flours, akin to an estate wine. The consumer can rest assured because our products are organically grown and processed. The organic certification means we have a rigorous annual inspection which verifies that our inputs, farming methods and processing are compliant with the USDA National Organic Program.

Selling direct to consumers allows us to cultivate relationships with the people whom our food nourishes. Currently all of our products are for pickup on the farm so people have the opportunity to learn where their food comes from. Weatherbury's milled products  are also available to the greater Pittsburgh region through Penn's Corner Farmstand  and are also be available for sale on the farm, on scheduled pickup days.

Weatherbury Farm was one of two farms selected (from 500+ farms) for the 2012 Pennsylvania Certified Organic Sustainability Award.

We are striving to be a totally integrated farm composting our animal manure to fertilize our fields. We also feed our free-range chickens organically using grains grown on the farm. (These same eggs are collected during morning chores for the next day's breakfast.) Our goal is to heal the lands we farm which have been stripped of nutrients (with the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides and herbicides applied before our ownership.

As an agritourism farm from 1992 to 2017, Weatherbury worked to reconnect people with the farm and the source of their food. Our mission as a farm vacation is to educate our guests about farming and agriculture, with an emphasis on organic. At Weatherbury Farm Vacation, a family-run venture, we constantly worked towards providing “green” tourism both in our farm vacation bed and breakfast and farm operations.

Weatherbury Farm seeks to continue the concerns of the 19th century and early 20th century people with minimizing external inputs by natural recycling and conservation. Our green philosophy can be read on-line.

At Weatherbury Farm our mission is to both educate the public and nourish our community.

Weatherbury Farm is constantly growing; from 2007 to 2017 by taking on other farms in the area our land base has tripled. In 2013 we took on additional acreage which had been farmed traditionally and transitioned it to organic. Additional acreage that has been farmed organically was taken on in 2015, 2016 and 2017. We are always looking for ways we can leverage our resources to create new marketable products. For example, in 2012 we grew rows of dry beans in our garden to determine which varieties will work the best with our planned system. Then in 2013 we began growing  black turtle dry beans that are harvested, cleaned and sold direct to customers. While we don’t have the textbook machinery for a large dry bean operation, we have found creative ways to adapt the machines we already have to get the job done.

Other products we plan to experiment with in the future are potatoes and sunflowers. Potatoes haven’t been grown in our area on a field scale for several decades. Since potatoes do so well in our garden without irrigation we will soon be experimenting growing them on a field scale.

In the future, we also plan to grow the sunflowers for their seeds. We will press the seeds, refine the oil and rent the oil to restaurants to use in their deep fryers. We will then get the used oil back, we will use it to make biodiesel to fuel our tractors.  We also plan to put a sign by the field of sunflowers when they are in bloom advertising “This is the world’s most beautiful oil field.”

Farmer Nigel is also working with the Organic Growers Research and Information Sharing Network (OGRIN) to determine optimum varieties and cultural practices for heritage and alternative grain production in the northeast. He is also working with the Heritage Wheat Conservancy to bring einkorn, the world’s oldest cultivated grain, back as a commercial crop.

A local friend who runs a CNC machine recently brought his employee over to show him our forge and machine shop. While they were here, we showed them some of our other projects that will be coming to fruition.  As they were leaving our friend told us that his employee said to him "this is the way real Americans are supposed to be".

The creative spirit is alive and well at Weatherbury Farm.


Pennsylvania Certified Organic
2012 Sustainability Award

Farmers Dale & Nigel and Marcy Tudor invite your family
to visit their family's working farm

" ' We’re turning into modern-day hippies,' Dale Tudor said while a biodiesel processing company from Pittsboro, N.C., conducted the seminar on his 100-acre farm along Sugar Run Road."
Observer-Reporter,  July 12, 2009


Your hosts, another American classic! Shown above in our 2016 Christmas card.

The tradition of the Weatherbury American Gothic farmers started in our 1996 Christmas card and again appeared in our 2006 Christmas card (both shown below).

your hosts

 Above is our 1996 Christmas card photo, and below in our 2006 Christmas card.

Dale, Marcy & Nigel Tudor will be your hosts when you visit Weatherbury Farm.

Dale -- Farmer
Farm duties: In charge of field operations, feeding animals, overseeing herd and flock. Oversaw breakfast preparation and chores with guests.
Occupation: Worked previously in Corporate Chemical Marketing
Hobbies: Restoring old cars (and guess what? Farming!)
Other: Dale served as president from 2009 through 2011 of the Avella Community Association. Dale serves on the Independence Township planning commission and the Independence Township Community Center Board;  he previously served on the township zoning hearing board and the township Ag Security Committee. Dale grew up on a small farm in Williamsport PA and at age 10 had his own business raising and direct marketing strawberries.

Marcy -- Farm Wife
Farm duties: . Gardener in chief, website, administration & accounting. Oversaw bed and breakfast operation
Occupation: Self-employed accountant. Previously worked in accounting and personnel in corporate, state and military positions. Marcy served as a captain in the US Air Force in the Vietnam theater.
Hobbies: Gardening, needlework, beginning hammered dulcimer player.
Other: Marcy was the President of the Pennsylvania Farm Vacation Association from 1994 - 2008 and from November 2011 to November 2015 served as the Association manager. Because of her involvement with PFVA, she traveled to Poland in 2001 to study agri-tourism in that country. Marcy was the market manager for the Avella Farmers Market  (2007 & 2008). She served as treasurer of the Pittsburgh Bed and Breakfast Association from 2006 - 2015. She previously served as an auditor for Independence Township; she currently serves as chair of the Community Center Board. Marcy volunteered with IRS Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program both in Avella and previously when living in Pittsburgh. Dale & Marcy are active in the Dip N Dive Square and Modern Pattern Dance Club and invite others to join them.

Nigel -- Farmer
Farm Duties: Field work, organic grains, planning, keeper of organic records for farm and gardens. During farm stay years, he helped breakfast preparation
Nigel was the impetus behind Weatherbury Farm adding certified organic grains which in turn has led to flour milling and pasta making.

Nigel has spoken to a number of gatherings on Weatherbury Farm's operations. He spoke most recently at the 2016 Slow Foods/OGRIN Grains Tasting. He has also presented about Heritage Grains at the 2012 PASA (Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture) Conference and about Weatherbury's grain operations at the 2014 NOFA NY Conference (Northeast Organic Farming Association of New York). Additionally, he spoke at the 2012 and 2013 Pittsburgh Farm to Table Conference  on Grass-Fed Meats, at 2012 and 2013 PASA/OGRIN field days on heritage organic grains. He spoke at the 2015 Pittsburgh Farm to Table Conference on "Buying local?  Don't forget the flour."

Nigel has also made presentations to area garden clubs on Weatherbury Farm's organic milled products and the importance of buying local organic flours and grains.

Nigel has used his metal working skills to repair the farm’s machinery and design and build a compost turner. He also designed and built a spelt dehuller for our grain operation.

Nigel’s meticulous note keeping and farm management helped us win the Pennsylvania Certified Organic 2012 Sustainability Award.  We were one of two farms selected from 500+ farms for this award.

Occupation (in addition to farming): Architectural blacksmith. Nigel was a1999 honor graduate of Madonna High School, Weirton WV;  he studied  blacksmithing (selected by ABANA -- the Artist Blacksmith Association of North America) in Aachen Germany from January - May 2001. He served as the Resident Manager, Touchstone Center for Crafts during the 2001 season. Nigel taught "The Joy of Blacksmithing" (an introduction to blacksmithing) at Touchstone in 2004, 2005, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013; taught a week-long "Traditional Joinery" class at Touchstone in  2006, 2007 and 2008.
Hobbies: Restoring old cars.
Other:  Nigel worked with Marcy to manage the Avella Farmers Market in 2007 & 2008. Nigel currently serves on the zoning hearing board for Independence Township. He also served on the PASA western region advisory committee.




And here we were in 2012:



 Weatherbury Farm from the Air

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Weatherbury Farm -- explore the possibilities: 

Certified Organic  Flours & Milled Products           
Grass Fed Beef & Lamb             Farm Stays      

Weatherbury Farm mills stone ground flour from organic grains grown on the farm. Grassfed and finished meats are also raised. Farmstay open in summer months.

Weatherbury Farm
1061 Sugar Run Road
Avella, Pennsylvania 15312

phone: 724.587.3763

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grass fed beef & lamb, certified organic stone ground flours and milled products, farm stays

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