Experience Old-World Farm Life in 21st Century America

Urban Review | May 21, 2012

As reported in the Urban Review on May 21 2012
(Reposted March 22 2014,  July 28 2014 and July 28 2015):

” There’s something innately heart-warming about a quintessential farm. The very picture of a huge barn-like structure located in rich green pastures makes you yearn for the wholesome comfort of a country life. The call of livestock in the background, the sound of horses galloping in merriment in the fields, the rich aroma of freshly baked bread, and those oh-so-scrumptious breakfasts and dinners…it’s a pity we can’t reach out and reclaim those good ol’ days!Or can we? Thankfully, in this mad, mad, mad world, there are still a few getaway spots that allow you to escape the back-breaking burden of the millstone around your neck and the additional luxury of travelling back in time where things were a whole lot simpler, not to mention charming…

The Weatherbury Farm, Pennsylvania Located only 45 minutes southwest of Pittsburgh, the Weatherbury Farm in Pennsylvania is a grass fed lamb and beef farm that educates its guests on sustainable farming and agricultural practices. Although this family-run venture is extremely popular among adults, it has a very special place among children. Your little ones will be kept amply occupied bottle-feeding lambs, collecting eggs for the following day’s breakfast, getting their hands dirty in the garden, and pumping the old well on the farm.

After the chores of the day are done, you are welcome to relax in cozily designed rooms or walk around exploring the gardens, meadows, valleys, and fields at your leisure. And, of course, sit down to hearty meals comprising of family favorite fare like ham, green eggs, French toast, and apple-cinnamon pancakes, and fruit not to mention freshly-ground coffee, tea, and juice. How will you ever want to leave this place? ”