Oberkulmer Spelt Facts 2021

Oberkulmer Spelt Fields 2021 • Weatherbury Farm Oberkulmer Spelt Tracker

2021 Oberkulmer Spelt Fields

In 2021, spelt was grown in Independence Township on 2 fields totaling 5.7 acres on the farm known historically as “Pleasant View Farm.”   J.M Welsh established the farm in 1824.  Welsh is listed in the Caldwell Atlas as a farmer, grain, stock and wool grower.  The farm was dormant for many years; however since 2006, organic grains and hay were grown on this farm.  Weatherbury Farm has farmed this land since 2017.  The farm has been certified organic since 2006.

The spelt was planted on October 14, 2020.

Clover was frost seeded into the grain on April 4 & 5, 2021. (The clover suppresses weeds, aids in holding up the grain and, eventually provides nitrogen to the next crop.)

The spelt was harvested on  July 22, 2021.

At the 2021 Washington County Fair,  the Oberkulmer Spelt sheaf won 3rd place and the jar of Oberkulmer Spelt grains won 4th place.

For an illustrated explanation of how Weatherbury grains become flour, visit the from seed to flour page.

More information on Oberkulmer Spelt below the pictures!

October 14 2020

Planting Oberkulmer-Spelt --10.14.20 • Weatherbury Spelt Tracker

The Oberkulmer Spelt is planted on fields that have been plowed and harrowed.

April 4 2021

Oberkulmer Spelt emerging in the spring-4.4.21 • Trace your Spelt Flour to field where is was grown

Spelt emerging from winter. The spelt grows over the winter and already has quite a few tillers.  Like all of Weatherbury’s winter planted grains, Spelt needs to vernalize to produce grain.  If the grain was planted it in the spring, it would just look like grass and wouldn’t develop any grain heads.

July 8 2021

Oberkulmer-Spelt-7.8.21 • The spelt has grown significantly in three months

3 Months later.

Spelt Flour in the field!

July 17 2021

Oberkulmer-Spelt 7.17.21 • The spelt is almost mature

The Spelt is almost ready to harvest.

July 22 2021

Harvesting Oberkulmer Spelt 7.22.21 • Weatherbury Spelt Tracker

Harvesting Spelt using our combine.

July 22 2021

Oberkulmer Spelt is unloaded into wagon-7.22.21 • Local grain for Local Weatherbury Spelt Flour

The spelt is unloaded  into a gravity wagon for transport back to the farm.

Locally grown spelt for local Weatherbury Farm Spelt Flour.  The spelt travels just 4 miles to Weatherbury’s Mill.

About Oberkulmer Spelt

Spelt is one of the three ancient hulled wheats.  At Weatherbury Farm,  we grow Oberkulmer Spelt, which is a robust old Swiss landrace.

Oberkulmer is a true spelt with no modern wheat genetics.

Spelt is protected from the elements by a hull which doesn’t come free in harvest (unlike the hulls on wheat which do).  The removal of the hull prior to milling requires special machinery.  Weatherbury is lucky to have a spelt dehuller, built by Farmer Nigel.

Products Milled from Oberkulmer Spelt

Spelt Products • Weatherbury Farm

Whole & Sifted Spelt Flour, Rolled Spelt & Spelt Berries

Oberkulmer Spelt is milled into organic unbleached whole and sifted spelt flour.   Sourdough spelt bread is thought by many to be the most tasty of breads.

Rolled Spelt offers a new dimension for breakfast and for use in other recipes.

Spelt berries (with their chewy texture and nutty sweet flavor, can be used as a hot cereal, in a salad or in place of rice for a soup or pilaf.

Health benefits of Spelt

Spelt is one of the healthiest foods.  Prized for its superior nutrition, spelt is higher than wheat in protein, minerals and vitamins.  With a gluten entirely different from wheat, spelt imparts a nutty flavor.  It is gentle for the whole digestive tract and strengthens your immune system and your nerves.

More Information

Spelt flour, rolled spelt and spelt berries can be ordered on our order page for the monthly on-farm pickup or you can have your order sent to you.

To read more about spelt flour, rolled spelt and spelt berries please visit our products page.

More information on spelt and other grains grown by Weatherbury Farm is on the grains we grow page.